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Echo is a gifted coach and intuitive who has worked with many people all around the world. All sessions are 1 hour, conducted over Skype (unless you are based in Paris or the Bay Area) and cost $120 for the hour.  The first session is free.


Empowerment Coaching

Areas of Coaching Include:

  • Public Speaking

  • Developing Presence on Stage

  • Projecting Confidence & Strength 

  • Clearing Internal Blocks & Hindrances 


Creative Development Coaching

Areas of Coaching Include:

  • Awakening Creativity 

  • Techniques for Writing with Power and Depth

  • Differentiating Between Ego and Genuine Creative Impulses

  • Dismantling Creative Blocks

  • Learning to Harness Inspiration


Intuitive Life Coaching

Areas of Coaching Include:

  • Strengthening and Connecting to Intuition 

  • Visualizations to Help Transcend Internal Blocks and Trauma 

  • Cultivating Self-Esteem

  • Developing Personal Strategies for Facing Challenges 


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