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The Invitation:


The last few years have been earth-shattering and challenging for everyone on the planet. 

Collectively, we faced unprecedented struggles, grief, and loss. What if we changed the way we think about challenges? Instead of seeing them as unwanted occurrences, what if we choose to see them as invitations for growth, awakening, and realignment. This talk is about using unwanted circumstances as a springboard for change. Echo will present five life-changing tools she acquired on her own journey over the last few years, which included the loss of her brother to a fentanyl overdose, kidney failure, moving continents, and dialysis. These tools, when effectively utilized, are a recipe for inner and social transformation. 


Impact for the Greater Good:

In the past, the American Dream was defined by rugged individualism with each citizen working to advance their own dreams, social causes, and accrual of personal wealth. As the world moves toward a global community, a new type of thinking is needed that centers the greater good over selfish interest. How can we identify our own personal skills and life purpose and use them toward enriching the world around us? How can we each individually contribute to the greater good? In this talk, Echo will provide useful strategies for marrying our unique skill set, personality, and life story to a cause that serves the greater good.


There Are No Promised Lands:


After a lifetime of feeling like she doesn’t belong – not in the impoverished city where she grew up, the Ivy League college she attended, nor in the concrete jungle of New York City where she lived after college – writer and storyteller Echo Brown moved to California with $100 in her bank account and big hopes. Echo imagines California will be an idyllic paradise where she will find racial harmony, like-minded people, and cute boys eager to date her. What actually happens in California is heartbreaking, unexpected, and surprisingly uplifting.

Public Speaking Workshops and Coaching:

Echo has taught public speaking workshops around the globe. She knows what it takes to inspire and move an audience. Whether you're giving an inspirational speech, keynote address, or business talk, Echo can help you craft the right message and provide knockout delivery techniques that are sure to leave your audience wanting more. For questions or to join Echo's upcoming public speaking class, fill out this form or email

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